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What does a proposal planner do?

Updated: Feb 5, 2023

Psst... I hear you're thinking of popping the question. Congrats! I bet you're full of nerves, have no idea how you're going to do it, and are feeling a little lost about the whole thing. A proposal planner can take all that stress and worry off your plate so you can focus on the good stuff: the person you love.

What does a marriage proposal planner do, exactly? As much or as little as you want!

Generating marriage proposal ideas

Popping the question is a big deal, and you want to make a big deal of it - you just don't know how. That's where a proposal planner comes in! We help you distill the most meaningful memories and characteristics of your relationship and the person you love, and develop a heartfelt custom marriage proposal plan.

Marriage proposal plan execution

You can take that plan and run with it yourself, or we can take the lead and handle every last detail for you. Our access to the best venues and locations, florists, photographers and videographers, caterers, music professionals, lighting designers, transportation providers, custom printers, and jewelers saves you untold hours of hunting everything down and booking them yourself. We work within your budget to provide you with all the details you'll wish you had thought of.

Most importantly, we guide you in crafting the exact words that will make the love of your life feel like the most cherished person in the world and get the most enthusiastic "yes!"

Day of marriage proposal direction

On the big day, your marriage proposal planner handles every single detail. We make sure everything is delivered and set up according to our prearranged specifications, provide the photographer/videographer with a shot list and hiding spot, make sure your celebratory drink of choice is waiting for you, set up a schedule for you and adjust on the fly as necessary, and keep any bystanders at bay and family and friends out of sight. When it's time to go, we handle the teardown and clean up so you can continue your celebration.

A large percentage of couples not using a planner report they argued earlier in the day, before their proposal. Why? Because the person doing the proposing was so stressed out about what they were about to do, managing all the details, keeping everything on schedule and keeping their partner in the dark - plus hiding the ring. One of the most important roles of a proposal planner is taking all the stress and all those details off your plate, so you can enjoy every moment leading up to that big moment. All you need to do is show up with the ring and remember what you want to say!

Is a proposal planner right for you?

Hiring a proposal planner might be right for you if you want a deeply meaningful proposal but don't know where to start, have lots of ideas but don't know how to narrow them down and implement them, are super busy and want to spend your limited free time with your special someone rather than planning, or simply want the peace of mind that comes with knowing every last detail is taken care of, and all you have to do is take a deep breath and pop that question!

Ready to start planning? Drop us a line on our Contact page to begin!

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