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6 Reasons to Hire a Proposal Planner

Should you hire a proposal planner? If any of the following describe you, the answer is yes!

1. You know you want your proposal to be extra special, but have no idea how to do it.

A lot of people are ready to take the leap, buy the ring, and realize they have no idea how they should propose beyond getting on one knee and asking that question. Those are the basics, of course, but the more thought and planning that go into your proposal, the more special and cherished your partner will feel. A proposal planner can help generate personalized ideas that will make your partner's heart sing!

2. You have a few ideas on how to propose, but don't know how to narrow them down to the best one.

If you've been mulling over a few different proposal scenarios, a proposal planner can help you narrow down your choices by fleshing them out a little and developing a ballpark budget for each. High Hopes Event Design sits down with every client to go over the details of each plan, seeing if the timeline and budget are feasible.

3. You have a great proposal idea but have no idea how to implement it.

The perfect proposal plan has been in your head for months now! Problem is, you have no idea how to make it happen. A proposal planner knows all the ins and outs of the process, including creating a ruse so your partner is completely surprised, securing the location, finding vendors like floral designers, photographers, musicians, pet wranglers - ye, really! - pretty much anything you can dream up, we can make happen

4. You are planing a destination proposal.

If your proposal involves travel, it can be difficult to plan and coordinate the whole thing yourself - especially if it is a little (or a lot!) over the top. A proposal planner can handle all of those details, saving your hours on the phone and the computer trying to figure out all out yourself. If you are looking for a proposal planner in Arizona, a Scottsdale proposal planner, or a proposal planner in Phoenix, High Hopes Event Design can take care of all your proposal details and create the proposal of your dreams!

5. Your proposal requires day-of on-sight prep and coordination.

It is really tough to juggle the perfect ruse to keep your partner in the dark, prepping the proposal site, managing the vendor set up and staying on schedule - all while managing your own nerves! A proposal planner is on-site, coordinating all the vendors, making sure your photographer has the perfect view, placing every rose petal just so, and checking that your music is on cue. All you have to do is show up with the ring - and do the talking, of course. A proposal planner like High Hopes Event Design takes so much stress of your back, allowing you to truly enjoy the moment.

6. You want to keep your proposal plans completely top secret.

If you want to make sure the moment you pop the question is a total surprise, working with a proposal planner can make that happen. When you hand off all the magic making to a planner, there is no evidence for your partner to find in the weeks leading up to the big day. It also significantly lowers the chances of someone else spilling the beans, because you aren't using family and friends to help you with all the little details.

Is hiring a proposal planner for you? High Hopes Event Design is a Phoenix-Scottsdale based bespoke proposal planner that can set up your perfect moment anywhere in Arizona, or beyond. Email us at

to get started.

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